Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winter 2014--and Graham's 18 Month Update

Graham is now 18 months old, and Baby 3 is growing rapidly. We haven't had any major events the past few months, but we have had a whole lot of good fun. It's been a winter for the books with a total of 13 snow days for area schools, but we are thinking a change is coming. It's slowly getting warmer, and we had a day earlier this week when Reese wore shorts and a t-shirt to the playground. 
Graham at 18 months is 28 pounds, walking all the time since 17 months, and currently has his first ear infection...I think due to a cough and congestion he has had the past week or two. He is babbling constantly, and he has added his first words to his vocabulary. Cup, Hi, Night Night, Momma, Dadda. He loves to sort and stack, loves tupperware, and is beginning to love the basketball. He loves sleep--two naps a day and 12 hours at night. He's cuddly, he loves Momma, and he entertains himself with looking at books often. Bath time is a favorite for sure, and he is really starting to play with Reese. These are really good days around here, and I find myself staring at Graham often and just melting. It sounds silly, but he's just adorable and so so handsome. Here are pictures from the past few months...lots of simple, beautiful moments.